I Took Ultra CBD Extract Oil For 7 Days Straight To Help My Anxiety — Here's What Happened


I’ve always been a skeptic. So when I first heard about Ultra CBD Extract Oil, with all of its media attention and buzz, I thought it was a load of you know what. It brought back memories from my college years, when I was even more anxious than I am today. As an overthinker, getting high on marijuana kicks my mind into overdrive and cripples me with paranoia. Needless to say, not an enjoyable experience.

I was offered an opportunity to test Ultra CBD Extract Oil to see if it might help ease my anxiety. Before giving my answer, I did some research online. I learned that the active ingredient in it - CBD, which is short of cannabidiol - is non-psychoactive, which means it doesn’t make you feel “high”. Instead, it eases anxiety and makes you less likely to freak out.

I even found a study [1] that looked at the differences between THC (the chemical in weed that gets you high) and CBD. It found that while THC increased anxiety by activating the neurotransmitters involved in the “fight or flight” response, CBD actually repressed autonomic arousal - or the nervous system response associated with sudden increases in heart rate or respiration. In other words, CBD is ideal for people who want to chill out and relax, and not for those that want to get high.

The science behind CBD did make me more comfortable with trying it. But what really sold me was Charlotte Figi’s inspiring story [2]. Figi was a 6-year old girl diagnosed with Dravet’s syndrome, a rare and resistant form of epilepsy. She was placed on hospice care and given a “do not resuscitate” order when her mother began giving her Ultra CBD Extract Oil, after pharmaceutical medication failed. Charlotte is now miraculously 99% seizure-free.

I was shocked to learn that CBD was being used to treat everything from anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, joint pain, sleep disorders, nausea and even more serious issues like epilepsy and Parkinson’s. With that, I took a deep breath and asked for a sample.

Here’s what happened when I took one full dropper of Ultra CBD Extract Oil in the peppermint flavor every morning for seven days straight.

Day One: My First Impression

A work trip out on the West Coast gave me the perfect opportunity test out Ultra CBD Extract Oil. When I got home, I was feeling jet-lagged and anxious, as I was having a hard time falling asleep. Knowing that Ultra CBD Extract Oil was being used to help people with sleep issues, I squeezed one full drop of it onto my tongue, just like the instructions said, and waited.

The effect was subtle and started to kick in about thirty minutes later. I’ve taken melatonin in the past, which makes you feel kind of hazy and like you want to nod-off. But this just relaxed my body - my legs relaxed underneath the bed sheets and my heart rate slowed down. Then my mind stopped racing and I felt a sense of physical and mental relaxation, and easily drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning and thought about the experience, I was pleasantly surprised that at no point did I ever feel “high”. I never felt that tickle in the pit of my stomach that screams “oh it’s about to kick in!” like you feel when you take prescription meds or recreational drugs.

Day one was a success, so I continued to take the gummies once a day for the next six days, knowing that it would take time, consistency and the right dosage in order to experience the full effects. Here’s what happened.


Ultra CBD Extract Oil contains 500mg of CBD oil extracted from high quality, organic, US grown hemp. I tried the peppermint flavor - it was surprisingly refreshing.

I Was Less Anxious and on Edge

The little things we experienced everyday, like an overcrowded subway or having to clear out 100 emails from my work inbox on a Monday morning, have the tendency to set me off. But it seems like Ultra CBD Extract Oil has taken off the edge a bit. I’m not feeling as anxious about my manager telling me I need to re-do the piece I just sent her, or having to make small talk with the IT department. I’m finding it easier to detach myself from my inner thoughts and to see how irrational most of them are. With that said, I’ve still felt some anxiety when meeting new groups of people, so I’d be interested to see what taking the full recommended dose would do.

I Can Focus More at Work

I work well under pressure, but being so busy impacts my productivity. I’m constantly being distracted - by emails, phone calls and colleagues. I feel anxious knowing that I have so many things to do and that I’m getting pulled into so many different directions. But this week has been great. I’ve found it a lot easier to just focus on the task at hand. I’ve been able to block out all of the social distractions, and put up my blinders to everything else that isn’t a priority. I’m feeling more calm, focused and organized, which is making me feel happier as well.

I’m Falling Asleep Faster and Getting Better Sleep

Normally it takes me up to an hour to fall asleep, but I’ve been falling asleep in less than 30 minutes, probably because I’m not feeling as anxious and my mind isn’t wandering so much. I used to dread that 30 minutes where my mind would just take me for a ride (sometimes thinking of the most random, unimportant things). But now, I seem to be skipping that stage and going straight into a state of relaxation before drifting off to sleep.

The Verdict